What we do

What we Do

In order to help every Business save Energy and Money, our carefully selected Experts can advise, providing these:

Taking Electrical Measurements

Electrical Measurements are taken and the facility’s distribution parameters are tested, with the help of high quality Power Analyzers.

Electrical Measurements and Evaluation

After the collection of Electrical Measurements, Evaluation of the facility’s distribution system is prepared.

Modeling of Load Profile

The Load Profile of facility with the past twelve-month electric bills from the utility company is modelled.

Review the Electrical Layout

The Electrical Layout of the facility is reviewed.

Analysis of all Data and Information

All collected Data and Information are getting analysed and a comprehensive Energy Audit Report is prepared.

Energy Audit Report

The Energy Audit Report identifies the facility’s existing inefficiencies or problems regarding Electrical Power Quality.

Offer with Specific Solution

An offer with specific solutions along with the associated Project Costs, Annual Energy Savings is proposed to the client. R.O.I. (optional) can be introduced too.

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